Hey, I'm Jacob.

I'm a Baton Rouge native, using art to love people better. Sometimes that takes the form of sharing their story with the world, sometimes it's the simple mission of making people smile in an otherwise tragic circumstance and other times it's all about just being with them.


Here's what I'm up to in 2017:

Designing beautiful user experiences as the Director of Digital Strategy at MESH.
Chatting with the coolest people in Baton Rouge as the host of The altBR Podcast.
Dreaming up our next Jolibois Family Christmas Picture with my family.
Serving on the board of a local Charter School.


Popular Episodes

I'm the co-founder and host of The altBR Podcast. Even a lot of locals are unaware of hidden gems that make Baton Rouge special. So we tell the stories of the people in the trenches, making this city a better place, to unveil a city that makes you proud to call it home.


Changing a City One Mural at a Time

Casey Phillips, Founder of the BR Walls Project

How This 15 Year Old Plans to Colonize Mars

Alyssa Carson, Future Martian

Dissecting the Success of a 26 Year Old CEO

Kenny Nguyen, CEO of ThreeSixtyEight

A Guide to Making Your City Feel Like Your Home

Lluvia Peveto, Director at The Emerge Center


An eBook to help you declutter, reprioritize and take action in your life. Each section is full of stories, quotes, tips and challenges that you can do alone or as a group.

Part I — Declutter

  • Lower your expenses
  • Free up your schedule
  • Attack debt
  • Get rid of excess

Part II — Reprioritize

  • Direction
  • Road-mapping
  • Repurpose

Part III — Take Action

  • Give
  • Collect experiences

The home is a mission field far more powerful than you might have imagined with the potential to impact tens of thousands for the Kingdom of God. It's not a trick. It's math.

Running a bit counter-culture, ARROWS crafts a new approach to Christian living through a compelling framework of idea sharing, exponential influence and guerrilla warfare (yep, you read that right).

Chapter 1 — Our Obligation to the Gospel

Chapter 2 — The Truth About Missions

Chapter 3 — 10,000 Souls

Chapter 4 — Reclaim the Home

Chapter 5 — An Introduction to Mission Mindedness

Chapter 6 — A Missional Lifestyle

Chapter 7 — The Conclusion of the Matter